Pavel Maurer, the Czech famous publisher of independent gastronomic guide Maurer’s Grand-restaurant, has launched a completely new, selection program called Maurerův Stůl (transl. Maurer’s Table) for a limited number of guests and restaurants since July, 2019. Every month, he recommends Maurer’s Table, the favourite and highly recommended restaurants personally by Pavel Maurer.

The offer is really exclusive and limited with a clear rule: 1 day, 1 table, fixed price and a fixed menu with little surprise.

We are pleased that our restaurant U Malířů 1543 was chosen for this project among the first restaurants ever and we firmly believe that our menu will convince you to visit the oldest restaurant in Prague.

Menu U Malířů 1543 Maurerův Stůl (transl. Maurer’s Table)
Prosecco, Extra dry, Serenissima, Italy – Veneto
Beef tartar, truffle gel and picked mushrooms

Fried egg “63°C”, Jerusalem artichoke and vichyssoise cream
Touraine Sauvignon 2017, Domaine Roc De Châteauvieux, Francie – Loira

Grilled duck breast, carrots and potatoes smoked with grape vine wood
Santenay „Vieilles Vignes“ 2016, Domaine Lequin – Colin, France – Burgundy

Chef’s surprise

Strawberry espuma, caramelized strawberries and Chantilly cream
Coffee and mineral water Fromin

Homemade praline
Price per menu 1200 CZK / per person

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The menu is created by our chef Miroslav Doležal.